When Sweets Is Making Your Sex Life Bitter

When Sweets Is Making Your Sex Life Bitter

The hormones in the body are interconnected and when one gets out of track, others are sure to follow. Sex hormones and blood sugar are intimately linked, thus, blood sugar imbalance that results from eating too much sweets can lead to lower libido in women and trouble maintaining erections in men. Bad habits and lifestyle can weaken sex hormone balance. Yet, the prevalent culprit that repeatedly beats sex hormones out of balance is sugar.

On the other hand, many people believe they need to eat sugar daily to gain more energy and elevate mood and pleasure. However, you can get energy from a wide variety of other foods such as cereals, bread and potatoes. Since sugary foods are often associated with fatty foods, eating too much of them can make you gain weight, which often the reason why your desire and enjoyment for sex nosedive.

Sugar-rich foods taste good, but because they can cause tooth decay and can increase the risk of weight gain, it is sensible to eat sugary foods as part of a balanced diet and to look out for low sugar options of your favorite food and drink.

How can I reduce sugar in my diet?

You can help maintain a healthy weight and sex life if you replace sugar with low calorie sweeteners. Since sweeteners are very sweet, you only need a tiny amount to give the same sweetness as sugar. You can use them to replace sugar and they have very few calories.

A balance diet and sexuality does not have to be totally sugar-free to be healthy. There are now many alternatives available that offer a good-tasting alternative to sugar-based products. Here are some ways to control the sugar intake and limit to a reasonable level;

  • Choose diet soft drinks.
  • Consider using low calorie sweeteners for cooking and sprinkling.
  • Use low calorie sweetener as tabletop alternatives for drinks, cereals and puddings.
  • Use sugar-free or low sugar foods.
  • Reduce the amount of processed food consumed as these can contain hidden sugar.
  • Look at food labels carefully, particularly the nutritional contents and ingredients list to identify high sugar foods.

Eat Healthy

Have a variety of foods every day. Make starchy foods such as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes the basis of each meal. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day and avoid sugary fruit or fizzy drinks between meals as this provides calories and few nutrients.

For breakfast, cereals provide dietary fiber and many are fortified. A bow of high fiber cereal with low fat milk provides a healthy start for the day. Add a glass of fresh fruit juice, which helps the body absorb iron and Vitamin C.

During lunch, you can have some starchy foods such as bread, rice or pasta dish, some meat or alternative such as fish or beans, which provide iron and zinc. You can include a portion of vegetables and fruit to these foods to dig up other essential nutrients as well.

Finally at dinner, have a main starchy component, such as pasta, potato, rice, a meat or alternative and vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are thought to be particularly good for preventing disease in later life and improving your sexual health.

Simple changes in your diet such as eliminating too much sweet can really make a difference in your sex life and overall health.